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"Diversity is not our strength, the ability to deal with the problems of diversity, that is our strength." Wow.
Shawn Culpepper
Real diversity just happens. It's not something that needs to be praised or forced upon. It's not real when it becomes a quota to meet.
꧁༺ Z₳₱SIGMA༻꧂
Diversity as a result is absolutely wonderful. Diversity as a goal, however, always leads to results that are awful.

Edit: Nah. Diversity in any context is a cancer. Variety is good, not diversity.
Freedom Forever
Thomas Sowell has done more than anyone to help save ourselves from ourselves.
vox fan
As an ecologist I was taught to study and quantify diversity. The mantra of "diversity is our strength," which means diversity for diversity's sake, makes no sense at all. Ecologically, adding an exotic species to a habitat increases diversity, but often at the cost of severe habitat destruction. Species in a given habitat evolve over time to be diverse in a constructive way. Tossing incompatible people, some of which are incompetent, into a given setting and expecting the resulting increase in diversity to magically improve that setting is foolishly naive. The last half century of failed social policy pushing pseudodiversity demonstrates this. Today's urban riots and other violent crimes are rooted in our government's pseudodiversity policies.
W. A. W.
Never thought to compare diversity to Balkanization. That’s spot on
Isn't it wild that Tom Sowell started out as a Marxist? It is why he's so effective at dismantling those trash arguements
Ramjet ejmar
I'm always glad to hear someone of Thomas Sowell's stature say that "Not all cultures are equal". We have been forced to accept the ideology of multiculturism in Canada and our society is the worst for it. Pretending that it is an ideal concept is ludicrous.
Anyone who challenges the word " diversity " will be shunned and called a racist. In some cases they will be fired. Telling the truth about diversity can be quite expensive so not too many people want to do it.
I can picture Mr. Sowell being one of the architects of the Constitution. He's such a brilliant man.
Caleb Scargall
Sad that a non-"diverse" professor would be fired for saying the same thing.
All outta bubblegum
I vote for the most qualified candidates, nor what they look like or what gender race or sexual identity that describes them. Mr. Sowell, if you ran for ANY political office, I would vote for you in a heartbeat!
Brian Evans
Dr Sowell is an American intellectual treasure. He wisely identifies the actual problem and then delivers logical solutions. Without truth we can’t imagine viable solutions
Strawberry Shortcake
My children were taught in school that the problems in Yugoslavia were caused by “lack of diversity!” 😂
I love his statement: (paraphrasing) "It's not diversity that's our strength; it's having principles and working to achieve great things despite our differences."
Damaging The Brand
I was at the first university in the United States to enact diversity in choosing new admissions. I was all excited about this and told my black friend, 'Isn't this great?' He said 'If I find I was accepted because of my skin color, not because I worked hard, I would drop out today.'
Diversity is sometimes good, because people from different backgrounds give different perspectives, and learning more perspectives will always open your mind in some way, BUT, this advantage is 100% negated if you force everyone to think the same way, or force the diversity regardless of merit. It has to happen naturally for it to be benificial.
Craig Schindler
When governments say "diversity is our strength" they mean governments are stronger when the people are divided into small groups.
The state’s worst enemy is its own people. If you want to prevent a revolution, making the population as diverse as possible would be a great way to keep them busy being at odds with each other instead of focusing on the real problem and overthrowing the corrupt state.
Richard Martin
"Diversity" requires a measure of stereotyping in order to fulfill the appearance of diversity.
As a blk American guy, I used to support a diverse society but over the years after much experiences with others, I realize that diversity is not always good thing. If anything, we're trying to be more tolerant than accepting.
Richard Thomas
Diversity is an interesting concept but lowering standards to achieve it is what causes problems.
Mike Goodman
I was confronted by diversity back in the mid-1990s. I was finishing up a long day of interviewing back with the (black) HR manager who sandbagged me as I was (literally) walking out the door and asked:

"What do you think a multiracial ethnic diversity?"

Without blinking, and these are my exact words from 1993:

"Look past the obvious differences, give everybody an equal chance, get on with business."

I didn't get the job. Zero regrets.

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